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 I always loved the feeling of applying paint with a brush. The texture created when paint is combined with liquid solvent, and the changes observed when colors are mixed with one another, provide a constant, intimate thrill.


 My painting reflects a line-based language, defined by layers and color combinations. I try to be true of myself while I work on each painting. I believe directness of acting and being is the way to one’s true nature. This nature is not something we make; it is already there. Zen teaches that we spend years forgetting and abandoning this nature, but that we can always access it again. Once realized, this clear approach translates effortlessly to everything I create.

The process of painting is not simply about my own journey but about connecting with others. My work reflects something that is shared; Mahayana, or ‘great vehicle’, captures the idea of finding wholeness in harmony with other beings. Creating art is, therefore, a powerful way to engage this wholeness.


 I consider the contents of each painting to reflect a captured moment - the record of a fleeting experience. I hope my work provides viewers with a window to the truth of their own being.


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